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Piping Specialty Supply Service

Contact: Jan Hodges

Phone: 1300 794 096


Piping Specialty Supply Service

Piping Specialty Supply Service is a supplier of pipeline and piping machinery, equipment, and consumables. Our product range (for both sale & hire) covers the construction, maintenance and servicing of gas, oil, water pipelines and pipe related infrastructures.

Piping Specialty Supply Service (PSSS) has an extensive range of products including but not limited to Australian made Pipeline Pigs & Pigging Equipment,  Hydraulic Torque Wrenches & Tensioners, Onsite Machining Tools, Pipe Lifting & Handling Equipment,  Lone Star Automated Welding Solutions and much much more. PSSS’s reputation and can-do attitude make them the Go-To supplier within the pipeline, energy, fabrication and engineering sectors.

Stand 5

Anode Engineering Pty Ltd

Contact: Noel Eustance

Phone: (07) 3801 5521


Anode Engineering Pty Ltd

Anode Engineering are the experts when it comes to corrosion control engineering design that is complimented by our own range of corrosion related product and materials for the Cathodic Protection industry with offices in Australia, our subsidiary Lordco in New Zealand.

The Anode Engineering team provide the full suite of Cathodic Protection (CP) services including new anode system design, maintenance of existing systems, commissioning and annual corrosion surveys. We have a dedicated team of in-field engineers skilled in techniques such as Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) and Close Interval Potential Surveys (CIPS), regularly preparing statutory CP reports for many of the major pipeline asset owners in the region. Our product range features the finest international corrosion related brands and our engineers use these products in their day-to-day operations, giving us intimate knowledge of each item we represent.

Our latest product is the Anode Engineering GreenAmp Remote Monitoring Unit which promises to transform the collection of corrosion data from a completely manual process to an automated internet-based system, providing much greater oversight of any asset including tanks, pipelines, marine structures and reservoirs.

Stand 6


Contact: Adam Dobbs

Phone: (03) 98725822



Haldatec provides equipment, systems and service to organisations in the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas production, transportation and distribution industries. They are driven by customer requirements and the desire to set their own high standards of product and service quality.

Products and applications:-

  • Sample collection, storage, conditioning products and systems for hydrocarbons:- oil, condensate, gas, LPG and LNG.
  • Regulators  (includes heated – IECEx certified) for high pressure and severe service gas and liquid pressure reduction applications.
  • High Pressure Filters.
  • Pipeline insertion devices.
  • Water Glycol Regulators for HPU’s
  • Laboratory/Process Sample Handling Systems
  • Chemical Injection Skids and Quills
  • Pipeline Corrosion Monitoring Equipment
  • Companies represented are Enpro, Pressure Tech

Stand 7 & 8


Contact: Carlos Montilla

Phone: (043) 708-8489



ChampionX brings its global workforce with more than a century of chemistry, artificial lift, and digital expertise such as Windrock, and now pairs it with the innovation and experience of our Emissions Technologies team. ChampionX’s expertise, innovative products, and digital technologies provide enhanced oil and gas production, transportation, and real-time emissions monitoring throughout the oil and gas lifecycle.

Windrock’s specializes in digitally transforming the way midstream and downstream companies monitor, manage, and optimize their reciprocating compressors and industrial equipment. Our mission is to provide customers with peace of mind through practical equipment reliability solutions and the people to make it happen. Windrock inspires the future of equipment reliability to protect the heartbeat of their client’s operations.

  • Portable analysis
  • Spotlight continuous monitoring
  • Enterprise asset optimization software
  • Platinum™ online monitoring system
  • AutoBalance™ automatic engine balancing technology
  • Windrock MD now known as MD Optimo asset health monitoring services
  • EDGE Gateway

 Emissions Technologies brings fast, accurate, and cost-effective solutions for leak detection, emissions  monitoring, quantification, and air quality research.

  • Continuous Monitoring Sensors (SOOFIE)
  • Optical Gas Imaging Camera (AURA)
  • Ground Leak Detection Survey for compliance programs (LDAR)
  • Aerial Detection & Quantification (Drone, Helicopter and Fixed Wing)
  • Emissions Monitoring Data Management and Analytics

Stand 9


Contact: Jonathan Mah

Phone: (+61) 3 9258 7333



From pouring out a glass of milk in the morning to wheeling out the recyclables on bin night, Qenos creates the building blocks that become a vital part of the things Australians do every day whether it’s at home, at work or on the land.

Qenos is the only company in Australia with the know-how and capability to convert lower value gases into high quality polyethylene and resins. Through this process we multiply the worth of our nation’s natural resources many times over.

Qenos is a key partner to Australian manufacturers and provides industry-leading technical support and excellent customer service that includes a national distribution network and next day delivery using a fleet of containers dedicated solely to the transport of polyethylene.

Whatever type of Qenos product is needed – from Alkadyne, the premium PE100 used in pressure pipes to Alkamax, an extra tough film for food and product packaging, to Alkatuff developed for high performance in Australia’s tough environment – our customers can be sure they’re getting the very best.

Qenos is not just the driving force behind products that help make Australian lives safer, easier, cleaner and healthier. We’re becoming more and more in demand as a key importer, distributor and exporter of specialty polymers through our eXsource specialty distribution arm.

Piping Specialty Supply Service is a supplier of pipeline and piping machinery, equipment, and consumables. Our product range (for both sale & hire) covers the construction, maintenance and servicing of gas, oil, water pipelines and pipe related infrastructures.

Piping Specialty Supply Service (PSSS) has an extensive range of products including but not limited to Australian made Pipeline Pigs & Pigging Equipment,  Hydraulic Torque Wrenches & Tensioners, Onsite Machining Tools, Pipe Lifting & Handling Equipment,  Lone Star Automated Welding Solutions and much much more. PSSS’s reputation and can-do attitude make them the Go-To supplier within the pipeline, energy, fabrication and engineering sectors.

Stand 10


Contact: Roger Trethewie

Phone: (61+) 0418 800 064



Over the last 30 years, the Delnorth Group has evolved to become one of Australia’s leading providers of infrastructure safety products. We are proud members of the APGA and are a major supplier of asset marker post products to the Australian gas pipeline industry.

Our leading brands, Oz Post, Signfix®, Delnorth® are synonymous with premium quality and durability.  As a leading Australian manufacturer with ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems, Delnorth marker post products will meet customer specifications and AS2885 compliance for gas pipeline assets.

We look forward to displaying our Australian manufactured marker posts and associated products at stand 10.

Stand 11


Contact: Jeffrey Roes

Phone: (07) 34205455


TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia Pty Ltd

German manufacturer TRACTO-TECHNIK develops, manufactures and distributes machines and accessories for the underground installation and trenchless renewal of pipelines. These trenchless technology solutions are applicable to the construction of pipeline networks for water, gas, electricity, telecommunications, district heating, fibre optic networking, pipeline construction and sewage disposal.

For more than 20 years, TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia has built a strong reputation to provide reliable trenchless solutions for our customers in Australia and New Zealand. In the exciting time of rapid development and maintenance of complex underground infrastructure, innovative NODIG systems by TRACTO-TECHNIK offer smart, sustainable and economic benefits.

TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia Pty Ltd is the authorised distributor for German Manufacturer Prime Drilling for Australia and New Zealand territories.

Prime Drilling operates worldwide, specializing in Horizontal Directional Drilling Technology.  With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing high quality HDD rigs, we set the standards in the global HDD industry.  Prime offer tailor-made technology solutions and refined ingenuity with extensive experience to customize equipment designs to maximize our client’s needs.

Together with Prime, we support our clients with technical training, preparation and planning from the first concept to onsite execution.

Prime Drilling’s mission is to optimize the success of our clients by delivering innovative technology, design solutions, customized products, and reliable service through a committed partnership.

Stand 12


Contact: David Anderson

Phone: (03) 9310 3515


Universal Corrosion Coatings

UCC provide solutions to corrosion and material degradation issues across the Oil and Gas, Water, Energy, Marine, Mineral Processing and Civil Infrastructure sectors. UCC are uniquely innovative when it comes to solving corrosion and material degradation problems associated with infrastructure assets. This innovation is borne out of specific experience in this field and a passion for delivering unsurpassed service to our clients.

Stand 13

HDI Lucas

Contact: John Stuart-Robertson

Phone: (07) 3014 2190


HDI Lucas are the leading HDD contractor in the Australian market. 

In 2018, Spiecapag Australia acquired Lucas Engineering and Construction Pty Limited (LEC) to form a new business unit called HDI Lucas.

HDI Lucas draws on the resources and experience of LEC but additionally has the resources of our sister company, HDI to call on. HDI is an internationally recognized HDD contractor, headquartered in France but with divisions in Brazil, Mexico and now Australia.

Currently HDI Lucas has projects ongoing in Western Australia, Northern Territory & Papua New Guinea and recently completed major projects in New Zealand, Singapore & Indonesia.

Stand 14


Contact: Sam McKinnon

Phone: (+61) 447909066



STATS Group are market leaders in the supply of pressurised pipeline isolation, hot tapping and plugging services to the global energy industry. DNV type approved isolation tools provide leak-tight double block and bleed isolation that enables safe and efficient maintenance and repair of onshore, topsides and subsea pipeline infrastructure.

STATS has gained an excellent reputation for providing a responsive, client-centred approach combined with expertise and innovative products which:

Drive higher levels of safety in the industry

Enhance environmental performance by reducing flaring and venting activities

Improve asset performance while reducing system or plant downtime

Support the industry transition to a low carbon future

Project management and engineering services are provided to support client needs including turnaround scopes, feasibility studies and contingency planning. In-house expertise extends over the entire lifecycle of hydrocarbon assets from construction, maintenance, asset life extension, through to decommissioning and on to hydrogen transportation, carbon capture and storage.

STATS provide high quality, fit-for-purpose solutions to ensure that the pipework and pipeline infrastructure of its clients meet the technical, safety and environmental standards required.

Stand 15

Techrite Controls Australia Pty Ltd

Contact: Renuga Rajeevan

Phone: (039) 549-4444


Techrite Controls Australia Pty Ltd

Techrite is a specialized solutions provider to the Australasian gas industry. Over the past three decades, Techrite has earned excellent reputation in design and supply of gas safety & combustion equipment for industries including CSG/LNG, steel, nickel, aluminum, power generation, plaster board, textiles, food, alternative fuels, automotive, oil, mining etc.

Stand 16

Pacific Valve Tech and Engineering Pty Ltd

Contact: Renuga Rajeevan

Phone: (039) 549-4444


Pacific Valve Tech and Engineering Pty Ltd

Precision Valves provide a complete range of standard and customized solutions, whatever demand you have on a valve.
Working with one trusted partner, we’ll help you take the complexity out of the procurement arm and ensure compatibility of technologies.
We understand the importance of keeping your processes running continuously, regardless of the conditions.
We are dedicated to providing the reliable technologies that will help you control, regulate and isolate youocess with absolute certainty.

Stand 17 & 19

Solar Turbines

Contact: Michelle Andersen

Phone: (03) 0416022926


Solar Turbines

Headquartered in San Diego, California, USA, Solar Turbines, a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc., is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial gas turbines and compressors, with more than 16,000 units with more than 3 billion operating hours installed in more than 100 countries.

Solar offers gas turbine packages rated from 1-39 megawatts (1590-52,500 horsepower).  These products play an important role in the development of oil, natural gas, biogas, hydrogen and power generation projects around the world, both onshore and offshore. Solar Turbines’ products include gas turbine engines, gas compressors, gas turbine-powered compressor sets, electric motor-powered compressor sets, mechanical-drive packages and generator sets.

Solar’s customers put the company’s products to work in many areas including production, processing and pipeline transmission of natural gas and crude oil and generation of electricity and thermal energy for processing applications, such as manufacturing chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food products.

Stand 18

MPC Kinetic

Contact: Glenn Pfluger

Phone: (07) 3637 0200


MPC Kinetic

With the world’s growing demand for increased energy supply, MPC Kinetic (MPK) are there to provide essential infrastructure services and solutions. With three primary, but interconnected divisions to clients – MPK Infrastructure, MPK Services and MPK Solutions.

Re-energised. The kind of thinking the world is demanding to transition to a new energy future. This requires the dynamic attitude that MPK is known for delivering. Whether it’s upstream LNG development and servicing, fluid transportation, or renewables, in the essential energy, water and natural resources sectors, we’re here to use our proven ingenuity to redefine the challenge and innovate solutions that solve problems and deliver high quality outcomes.

MPK are constantly evolving through continuous investment in innovation, technologies and our people, we aspire to create the new benchmark in the pursuit of a more renewable world. With eyes clearly focused on the future, we’re evolving, but we also remain steadfast in our commitment to our vision, mission, values and aspirations.

MPK. Right solutions. Right people. Right for the future.

Stand 21

Corrosion Control Engineering

Contact: Brooke Farkas

Phone: 0401 702 623



Eptec | Corrosion Control Engineering

Eptec Group delivers whole-of-life asset protection solutions preserving, rehabilitating and strengthening critical infrastructure and defence assets. With the addition of Corrosion Control Engineering (CCE) to the Eptec Group capability, we have established one of Australasia’s foremost corrosion prevention and protection solution providers. For 25 years, Eptec Group has been a trusted partner of major asset owners, delivering complex, technically challenging projects safely, on time, within budget and with unparalleled quality.

As an Australian-owned company, we provide services to critical asset owners such as defence contractors and road, rail, sewage and water authorities. We offer a unique sovereign capability, with a network of trusted local suppliers. With a highly trained and skilled workforce of over 700 committed individuals, we can mobilise rapidly, nationwide and into the Pacific to help deliver your projects.

Stand 22


Contact: Brent Briton

Phone: (07) 31616600



PipeServ offers reliable and proven solutions that meet industry standards and specifications to improve safety, reliability, and turnaround time of repairs on static assets.

These include:

  • Pipeline Repairs
  • CSNRI Engineered Wraps, Ram Steel Repair Sleeves, Romacan Emergency Clamps, DNV Grout Sleeves, Compression Sleeves, Ovolift Pipe Lifting System, Steve Vick Pipe Handling and Cutting.
  • Piping Spool Testing & Repairs
  • CSNRI Engineered Wraps, EST Curtiss Wright Flange Testers, Isolation and Pipe Testers, Lokring “cold weld” fittings, Emergency Clamps, Safety Tools Allmet “cold cutting and grinding tooling”, Transition Fittings, Hot Tapping Fittings.
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Projectile Tube Cleaning, Leak Testing, Pop-A-Plug Tube Plugs, Tube Sleeves/Liners, Re-Tubing and New Units
  • Tank Repairs
  • Safety Tools Allmet “cold cutting and grinding tooling”, CSNRI Engineered Wraps.

At Pipeserv, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and create tailored solutions to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering high-quality services and ensuring safety and compliance at all times.

Stand 23

Michels Trenchless Pty. Ltd.

Contact: Bryce Morrow

Phone: (1300) 464 243


Michels Trenchless

Michels Trenchless Pty. Ltd. provides the safest, most reliable solutions for the Australia’s evolving energy, energy transition and infrastructure needs. We live by our values, keep our promises, and maximize the potential of new and existing technologies. With strategically selected, diversified services, we design and deliver environmentally sound, minimally obtrusive solutions for our partners.

Stand 24

Vinidex by Aliaxis

Contact: Linda Tucker

Phone: (+61) 402122856



Vinidex is at the forefront of innovation and product development in the pipeline industry and, over its 60 year history, has grown to become a leader in Australian pipe systems and solutions. Vinidex manufactures and supplies quality PVC, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), ductile (DICL) and industrial pipe systems to provide premium solutions to individual project needs.

##### Vinidex is well-known as one of Australia’s foremost environmentally conscious manufacturers and suppliers of water, wastewater, gas and energy pipe systems and solutions..

Stand 26

Picarro, Inc.

Contact: Doug Ward

Phone: 408 962 3900


Picarro, Inc.

Picarro, Inc enables natural gas operators to measure, quantify and reduce methane emissions, improve infrastructure safety, and increase capital efficiency via AMLD, and the award-winning P-Cubed™ software analytics platform. Utilities worldwide rely onPicarro’s decade of detection experience and extensive data lake to provide the most advanced technology in the industry.

Stand 27

T.D. Williamson

Contact: Tyler Beck

Phone: (61) 428 481 919


T.D. Williamson (TDW)

T.D. Williamson (TDW) serves the gathering, transmission and distribution sectors of the pipeline industry with a global portfolio of products and services, including advanced isolation, integrated pigging and integrity assessment solutions for both onshore and offshore applications. For more than a century, we’ve built our business on relationships, trust and providing innovative solutions. Our highly motivated, well-trained team members are committed to helping customers worldwide deliver energy to an ever-changing world, and to do it as efficiently and safely as possible. We also strive to make a difference in the communities where we work and live, with TDW employees logging thousands of volunteer hours each year.

Stand 28

Pro Pipe Services

Contact: Joe Buttigieg & Dean Muscat

Phone: (03) 93304016


Pro Pipe Services

Pro Pipe Services has the most experienced team in the region with experience gained globally. We have the equipment and expertise to handle a full range of pipeline projects on all types of pipe and product.

Being a global leader in pressurised pipeline equipment and services, we deliver safe, reliable solutions for onshore and offshore applications including 24/7 emergency services when you need them.

We specialise in Hot tapping, Line Isolation & Pipe Cutting safely and efficiently to allow for alterations without disrupting services. Additionally, our professional technicians provide pipeline repairs and maintenance, allowing diversion for moving or replacing pipelines for maximum efficiency.

Pro Pipe Services also provides hot tapping equipment, equipment maintenance and repairs, fittings, and technician training. When required, Pro Pipe Services offers engineering & welding services to the industry through our experienced solution partners. Pro Pipe Services is a T.D Williamson channel partner, offering all TDW Products and services for the pipeline  industry.

Stand 30 &71

TFG Group

Contact: Kate Walker

Phone: (042) 940-5431


TFG Group

TFG Group: Your one-stop shop for Supply, Fabrication & Installation Services

Established in 1995 and part of APA Group’s Preferred Supplier Network, TFG Group are your project partner for supply, fabrication, installation and repair services for pipeline installations around Australia. With workshops and offices in Perth, Brisbane & Melbourne, we’re strategically placed to service your end-to-end pipeline integrity and repair requirements including supply of enclosures, fabrication of launchers and receivers, site mobilization and installation. TFG Group have experienced teams of fabricators and in-service welding technicians who can mobilise quickly to remote locations for urgent repair work as required.

Stand 29

Control Equipment Pty Ltd

Contact: David Polkinghorne

Phone: (08) 61847840


Control Equipment Pty

Control Equipment Pty Ltd has been supplying and servicing gas detection instrumentation since 1977 and has a large customer base throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our focus has always been, and remains to be, gas detection.

We are the exclusive agent for Riken Keiki Co., Ltd., RKI Instruments and Pergam-Italia S.R.L. and an authorised agent for Casella and Testo in Australia.

Our vision is to provide our clients with highly professional and efficient services, that are the most cost-effective solution for the specified requirements. We drive our leadership with a total commitment to providing effective long-term solutions for our customers

We are proud of our reputation earned over a long period of association with our customers. This reputation is the continuing guarantee of the highest standard of service to our customers under the uncompromising banner of QUALITY. Quality Instrumentation, Quality Service and Quality Support..

Stand 31 & 32

CST Hire

Contact: Todd Wilton

Phone: 1300 942 342


CST Hire

CST Hire has a wide range of Project Specific Trucks & Vehicles used across a vast range of industries including Pipeline and Civil Construction and Mining throughout Australia. CST Hire is constantly growing its fleet and has the capability to supply short-term and long-term hires, and from single-vehicle hires to project fleets requiring over 100 vehicles. We mobilise vehicles throughout Australia and often to remote locations and sites. With 600 + vehicles at our disposal nationally, we are capable of supplying to major projects all over Australia.

Stand 34

Aquip Systems

Contact: Lachlan McDonald

Phone: (08) 94720122


Aquip Systems

Aquip Systems is PAC’s sister company and for over 30 years, has supplied the highest quality measurement and data collection systems to the Oil & Gas, Mining, Marine, HVAC, Water and Chemical industries by leveraging our unparalleled global suppliers. Aquip form long-lasting partnerships with clients based on mutual respect and trust, by engineering the right solution for the application, delivering on time and providing lifetime, local support.

Stand 33


Contact: Matthew Mitchell

Phone: (043) 887-2660



Aegis designs and manufactures the DataCell/DataScape remote monitoring system to monitor your cathodic protection on your assets and networks 24/7. We put the data in your hands for you to make the decisions. Pipelines, Rectifiers, Test Points, Drainage Bonds and more. We save time, we save resources, we save money.

  • DataScape and DataCell are designed as an integrated system – they are intrinsically linked.  We are responsible for the data delivery from the remote site to you, with no exception. One source, one system, one result.
  • We design for mass deployment and full network coverage – thousands of monitored points can be deployed reliably and cost effectively!
  • DataScape and DataCell are both designed to meet the extreme environments remote assets and networks are commonly found in. Our utility customers will attest to the ruggedness and reliability of the DataScape and DataCell range.

## Celebrating our 85 year history of design expertise.

Stand 35

Scape Consulting

Contact: Ben Bryce

Phone: 1800 CP SPEC


Scape Consulting

Scape Consulting provides integrated corrosion control and cathodic protection services to some of the largest Australian and international companies. Our goal is to provide cost effective solutions and deliver the highest quality products and services. Our specialist team will deliver a solution tailored specifically to your needs to ensure you achieve your project goals.

We take the time to listen to your needs, will clearly identify the critical steps and work together towards the solution for your asset. We take pride in our ability to deliver a full suite of specialised materials and undertake detailed corrosion and cathodic protection assessments utilising our extensive range of ‘state of the art’ test equipment.

Stand 34


Contact: Dylan Moss

Phone: (08) 9314 1827


Pipeline Actuation Control (PAC)

Pipeline Actuation Control (PAC) has over 60 years of industry experience in the design, manufacture and supply of specialist pneumatic & hydraulic systems, high integrity valves, valve automation and valve control system solutions. PAC is the Energy sector’s first stop for end to end, quality engineered flow control solutions, including turnkey hydrogen projects.

Stand 36 & 38

Denso (Australia) Pty Ltd

Contact: Andrew Leung

Phone: (+61) 402901964


Denso (Australia) Pty Ltd

Denso (Australia) Pty Ltd, is a subsidiary of Winn & Coales International and specialises in the manufacture and supply of corrosion and chemical resistant coatings and linings for the long-term protection of steel, concrete and timber surfaces in the toughest corrosive environments. The company is at the forefront of innovative corrosion prevention technology, focused upon developing an extensive range of custom solutions to meet the specific needs of different industries. Our full range of products are manufactured to comply with the strict quality standards. The products are designed for longevity, with corrosion prevention solutions that can offer up to 30+ years of maintenance free service.

Stand 37

Vacuworx Australia Pty Ltd

Contact: Luis Guevara

Phone: (+61) 498 101 888



For more than 23 years Vacuworx has been engineering and manufacturing the highest quality heavy-duty lifting equipment for the oil, gas, water, sewer, utility, and road construction industries. Our vision is to create the safest, most efficient work environment for those who handle heavy-duty pipe, plate, slab, HDD drill stem, and concrete road barriers. By leveraging the latest vacuum innovations with proven engineering practices, Vacuworx Lifting Systems provide the power, precision, and efficiency to move heavy materials ten times faster than conventional methods. Vacuworx manufactures and maintains an inventory of lifters and pads in Brisbane for rental and purchase and provides after-sales support, including on-site servicing and repairs. Learn more at

Stand 39 & 41

Bao Australia Pty Ltd

Contact: Yijun Shen

Phone: (08) 94810535


Bao Australia Pty Ltd

Baosteel is a global leading modernized and integrated iron and steel company, supplying full types of quality steel products in the world market.

Baosteel sticks to “quality development, green transformation and intelligent upgrade”, and establishes our world-renowned brands and world first-class manufacturing and service capability.

Stand 40 & 42

ROSEN Australia Pty Ltd

Contact: Daniel Schneke

Phone: +61-8-9456-4855


ROSEN Australia Pty Ltd

The ROSEN Group is a globally leading provider of cutting-edge solutions in all areas of the integrity process chain. Since its origins as a one-man business in 1981, ROSEN has rapidly grown and continues to do so. Today, the business is still privately owned and consists of a team of more than 4,200 employees, operating in more than 120 countries.

ROSEN’s products and services:

  • Inspection of critical industrial assets to ensure reliable operations of the highest standards and effectiveness
  • Customized engineering consultancy providing efficient asset integrity management
  • Production and supply of customized novel systems and products
  • Market-driven, topical state-of-the-art research and development providing “added value” products and services

Stand 44, 45 & 46


Contact: Rachelle O’Connor

Phone: 08 9479 4994



Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT delivering confidence to the industrial equipment industry since 1993. A privately owned, local Australian business, specialising in a wide range of sectors including, Mining, Energy & Civil, Trenchless & Non-Destructive Digging, Renewable Energy and Tree Care Equipment. Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT is dedicated to providing extensive knowledge of the equipment that will enhance your company’s productivity, profitability and safety. Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT is proud to offer excellent customer service and ongoing support before, during, and after purchase. Having high-quality service and an after-sales support system eases stress when on the job, and with highly effective maintenance and warranty options, you can be sure that your equipment will last longer and deliver better results down the track.

Stand 47

Prime Creative Media

Contact: Nick Lovering



The Pipeliner

First published in 1972, The Australian Pipeliner is the official magazine of the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association (APGA) and the leading media brand for the pipelines and energy sector. The publication covers everything from upstream gas exploration and facilities, to construction and maintenance of hydrocarbon transmission and water pipelines. With mature readership lists developed over more than five decades in circulation, excellent brand recognition in the industry and a strong reputation for producing high-quality original content, The Australian Pipeliner has unparalleled access to key decision-makers in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.

Stand 48


Contact: Richard Old

Phone: () 1300 250 817


Pipeline Supplies and Hire

Pipeline Supplies and Hire, is a 100% Australian owned and operated company specialising in providing sales, service, and hire solutions to the pipeline and civil construction industry. Having the right equipment is crucial to the success of any project, and that is why we recognise McElroy as the world leader in fusion equipment and accessories. As Australia’s leading McElroy distributor, we are in a unique position to offer you a total support package, through parts sales, certified machine servicing, technical support, and hire with one of the largest and most diverse hire fleets in Australia. Our dedicated on call team with a wealth of industry knowledge works tirelessly to provide quality service and results. Innovation and industry first ideas are one of our greatest strengths. The PSAH group also has a registered training organisation and PSAH Training and Recruitment Pty Ltd (RTO #45691) is Australia’s leading registered training organisation providing training in the welding of Polyethylene plastic pipelines. We provide first class training and assessment for PMBWELD301E Join Polyethylene plastic pipelines using Butt welding, PMBWELD302E Join Polyethylene plastic pipelines using Electrofusion welding, RIIHAN308F Load and Unload Plant, as well as industry accredited bi-annual refresher courses for HDPE Butt welding and Electrofusion welding.

Stand 49 & 50

Future Fuels CRC

Contact: George Whittaker

Phone: ()


Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre

Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre is the industry focussed Research, Development & Demonstration (RD&D) partnership enabling the decarbonisation of Australia’s energy networks.

We work with our partners in a collaborative and connected research community embracing industry, academia and government to:

Focus on the future of a crucial sector of the Australian energy economy.

Deliver the full potential of low-carbon fuels in the energy supply mix.

Find safe and reliable solutions to repurpose existing infrastructure and develop new infrastructure to transport future fuels.

Inform coordinated national policy and regulation associated with low carbon fuels.

Protect and extend the reliability and safe operative life of energy infrastructure.

Enable the structures, protocols and linkages to maximise the value of global low carbon fuel developments for Australia.

Stand 51 & 52

AtlasGas Pty Ltd

Contact: Matthias Heyne

Phone: (040) 326-8515


AtlasGas Pty Ltd

Atlas Gas is an Australian joint venture partner with Honeywell Gas Technologies GmbH and has been supplying gas control and measuring equipment in Australia since 1999.
The RMG Group of Companies was integrated into Honeywell’s Process Solutions Business Group in August 2009. Atlas Gas Pty. Ltd. supplies a wide range of commercial and industrial gas pressure regulating equipment, flame arresters/vents, gas meters; including turbine, rotary and ultrasonic meters, volume correctors and gas chromatographs. This is complemented with our full range of pressure regulating and metering station solutions. As a result, Atlas Gas was also officially appointed as the Australian and New Zealand agent for Gorter Controls B.V., of The Netherlands, in January 2011. Atlas Gas is the ideal partner from the initial design stages through to turn-key solutions and on-site product commissioning. All our products and services are compliant with the relevant Australian and international safety standards.
We are also representative agents for UNI-Geräte GmbH of Germany in Australia and New Zealand, providing a comprehensive range of AGA-approved automatic shut-off values to suit all major combustion applications. Atlas Gas supplies major utility companies in Australia and New Zealand, as well as wholesalers and distributors of gas pressure regulators, flame arresters and solenoid/pneumatic automatic shut off valves.

Stand 53

Mipela GeoSolutions

Contact: Hayden McDonald

Phone: (040) 326-8515


Mipela GeoSolutions

Mipela GeoSolutions are the leading Solutions-with-a-Service specialist delivering responsive, repeatable, reliable stakeholder outcomes to hundreds of national and international clients in the Australian, New Zealand, PNG & USA pipeline industry looking to transition to more agile ways of working using technology.Our award winning team enable our clients to protect their assets, respond to landholders, material traceability on construction projects, understand operational risks, communicate progress of remediation activities and target field services by delivering high-quality technical assurance solutions to support their key operations, projects and stakeholder interactions.Integrating geographic and organisational data, we provide reliable business systems, automate processes, utilising practical mapping applications to address some of the energy and infrastructure sectors most pressing environmental, operational, and social issues.Combining the latest tools and techniques with more than 26 years of innovation and experience, Mipela continues to deliver best practice solutions that stand the test of time, assisting people and businesses to make informed decisions by connecting people with information.

Stand 54 & 55

Baker Hughes

Contact: Barry Foster



Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes is an energy technology company. We are taking energy forward – making it safer, cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet.

Process & Pipeline Services (PPS) helps operators confidently manage the lifecycle of their assets and prepare for their energy future, partnering to deliver data, technology, solutions and expertise for more innovative ways of working. The mutual goals – safe operations, asset integrity, enhanced profitability, and supporting decarbonization. Combining our powerful engineering capabilities and experience with a strong service footprint brings peace of mind to even the most complex challenges.

Our unique portfolio includes:

  • Advanced pipeline inspection technologies supported by integrity engineering expertise and powerful data visualization software to help drive enhanced pipeline safety.
  • A range of extensive pre-commissioning and maintenance services to help enable event free start up, improve efficiency and maximize throughput.

Stand 56 & 57

Pipe Tek Pty Ltd

Contact: Myles Brannelly

Phone: () 0417707729



PIPE TEK is a NATA accredited public testing facility with an unequivocal and unreserved commitment to best laboratory management practice and assured quality testing services to meet the needs of its clients.

We are the only company in Australia that provides a full turnkey solution to our clients providing NDT, pre-cleaning, gauging, filling, hydrostatic/pneumatic testing, dewatering, drying with either desiccant or refrigerated dryers, nitrogen purging, caliper pigging, inline inspection (ILI) with dig ups and verification by phase array. Leak detection is also available by either acoustic or tracer gas methods.

PIPE TEK utilises the most advanced technology available with equipment capable of sending data immediately via the mobile network or via satellite for remote locations.

We are the exclusive representative of Enduro Pipeline Services for Australia, New Zealand, PNG and Asia. We use the most durable and reliable ILI tools in the industry including supplying of all types of cleaning pigs.

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Iplex Australia

Contact: Michael Doyle, National Business Manager, Infrastructure & Assets

Phone: 0423780970


Iplex Australia

Iplex is a leading Australian manufacturer of locally produced, sustainable pipeline systems and solutions to water authorities, rural and urban agriculture, residential, urban subdivision, civil and mining infrastructure markets. With over 80 years’ experience, Iplex has an excellent understanding of the challenges the water industry faces. Our experienced team actively work and collaborate with customers and the industry to provide safe, secure, and innovative water solutions today and into the future.

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Western Process Controls

Contact: Chieko Suzuki, National Business Manager

Phone: (08) 9455 3599


Western Process Controls (WPC)

Western Process Controls (WPC) is an Australian owned and operated company and was originally incorporated in 1987 as an exclusive Fisher Controls Representative. Today WPC represents many high quality international manufacturers of industrial process control equipment and services to provide our valued customers with valve solutions for any application. WPC provides total valve solutions for pipelines, terminals, and their associated facilities, helping our clients safely and efficiently control the movement and storage of gas and liquids from point A to B. Our valve solutions cover all applications from Isolation, Safety Relief, Regulation to Advance Compressor Anti Surge control of compressor stations. Valve Solutions for Pipeline segment:

  • Gathering pipelines
  • Transportation pipelines
  • Distribution pipelines

WPC Valve Lifecycle Services can help you channel your maintenance dollars into identifying the valves that actually need work before they fail. Valve Diagnostic Services identify maintenance priorities to assist your development of a proactive plan detailing when devices should be repaired or replaced with next generation technologies. WPC Valve Lifecycle Services is committed to handling your maintenance needs for repair and restoration of your Control, Safety Relief and Isolation valves. WPC technicians are OEM certified and work with you to maintain your valves through proper original equipment manufacturer (OEM) procedures and parts, ensuring your valves are rebuilt to factory standards and instruments meet the requirements for hazardous area classification. Our Certified Repair program helps you keep your processes safe, productivity high, and costs low throughout the lifecycle of your plant.

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Austrack Equipment Sales and Rentals

Contact: Mike O Reilly

Phone: (0419) 170297



Austrack provides heavy equipment to customers involved in major infrastructure projects throughout Australia.

We supply Padders. Excavators, Dozers, Loaders, Telehandlers, Dump Trucks, Tractors. Backhoes, Graders, Crawler Carriers and Pipe Vaclifts to major industry players.

Managing Director Michael Benson comes uniquely qualified to meet customer equipment needs, having operated machinery himself and performed a wide range of on-site and off-site roles with major contractors before founding Austrack.

If you need quality well priced and well supported equipment for rental or purchase no need to go past Austrack.

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kwik-ZIP Spacers

Contact: Paul Jeffreys

Phone: (08) 9725 4678



Kwik-ZIP ‘s Patented pipe centralisers and casing spacers have been designed and developed in Australia and are now used world-wide across many different industry sectors including the water/wastewater, civil construction, ground engineering, resources, oil & gas and energy production and transmission sectors.

Kwik-ZIP products are manufactured from kwik-ZIP’s engineered thermoplastic blend and are the preferred product throughout Australia for trenchless pipeline crossings and pipe in pipe installations.

kwik-ZIP maintains a focus on price effectiveness, simplicity, and rapid on-site assembly, to ensure that their systems deliver significant cost, time and operational advantages to our customers.

kwik-ZIP’s HDX & HDXT Series spacers have been successfully appraised by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) with both products the only casing spacers on the market that have been approved as compliant by WSAA.  The WSA PS-324 Product Specification prescribes casings spacer requirements for correct protection of carrier pipes when installed inside casings

Kwik-ZIP Products are also approved for use within many utilities’ infrastructure, including Melbourne Retail Water Association, South-East Queensland’s Infrastructure and Materials (IPAM) list, Sydney Water and the WA Water Corporation.  All products are certified by the Australian Water Quality Centre (AWQC) for use in contact with drinking water.

As a member of the Australian Water Association, kwik-ZIP is affiliated with Water Industries Operators of Australia (WIOA), American Water Works Association, US National Ground Water Association, the ASTT and the Australasian Corrosion Association.

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Sunlion Metals Engineering Co., Ltd.

Contact: Vincent Ye



Sunlion Group

Sunlion Group has firmly established itself as one of the respected global Piping and Structural Steel Modules Providers to Oil & Gas transportation, Refinery & Chemical, Quay wall and Berth, Marine & Offshore, Nuclear & Wind Power, Mining markets with our unique, integrated approach that enables us to deliver modular solutions to world leading Energy Companies and EPC contractors.

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Contact: Steven Pressland

Phone: (040) 870-7072



TEAM provides industry applications and a wealth of advanced solutions to boost productivity and set new standards of operation efficiency. Our long history of on-site, in the field experience enables us to truly understand some of the greatest integrity challenges our customers face on a daily basis. These challenges push us to make continuous advancements in our full line of offerings to provide the best possible outcomes.

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Vertech Group Pty Ltd

Contact: Craig Davies

Phone: (041) 785-5573


Vertech Group is an asset lifecycle management company providing safe, innovative, and cost-effective approaches, technologies, and methodologies to our clients. We are a global organization staffed by approximately 750 employees operating from numerous countries throughout, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Middle East, South Africa, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the UK.

 In Australia, we have a highly specialized and technically experienced management team. We have over 200 multi-skilled NDT technicians experienced in NDT, Advanced NDT and Rope access inspection. Our head office is in Perth as well as regional offices in Darwin, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gladstone, Roma and Toowoomba. 

Our Core business is NDT and Inspection:

  • Conventional NDT
  • Advanced NDT
  • Subsea Inspection
  • In-Service Inspection of Pressure Equipment
  • Structural Inspection
  • Lifting & Lifted Equipment Inspection
  • Risk Base Inspection
  • Inspection Management services
  • Research and Development Department for Innovative & Bespoke NDT solutions

We also offer a number of ‘Disruptive Inspection solutions’ for the Pipeline Industry where large cost savings have been made by changing the status quo on how things are inspected.

  • Advanced Pipeline Crawlers & Computered Radiography,
  • Advanced Pipeline NDT:
    • AUT systems,
    • SLOFEC,
    • Phased Array,
    • C-scan,
    • TOFD,
    • CUPS & CUI inspection
  • Advanced Drone Inspections:
    • Digital Twin,
    • 3D Photogrammetry,
    • LIDAR and Thermography surveys
  •  Pipeline Composite Wrap repair: 3X Engineering

ISO 24.817 & ASME PCC-2 compliant

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Contact: Edvards Likovskis

Phone: (+49) 030-51656040



EMPIT is a Berlin-based technology developer considered one of the market’s fastest-growing companies. It offers groundbreaking land and air pipeline inspection solutions. With our patented and in-house developed Current Magnetometry Inspection (CMI) technology, no line stop, preparation, or ILI-tool is needed to inspect buried pipelines. Inspecting from the earth’s surface, CMI delivers precise 3D pipeline positioning, identifies even the smallest coating failures, and detects active corrosion in a single run. Join us at our booth to learn more about how our industry-changing innovation delivers seamless data about your pipelines. Areas CMI is used for:

  • Corrosion detection
  • Sizing of coating holidays
  • AC corrosion mitigation
  • Geotechnical hazard monitoring

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Stacked Learning

Contact: Alasdair Lee

Phone: +65 81824068


Stacked Learning

AJSS has developed online interactive technical training through their online technical training company, Stacked Learning, which is the world’s leading creator of interactive online and virtual reality training for rotating equipment and associated balance of plant. The training courses built are endorsed by leading Oil & Gas companies.

AJSS have an extensive history working with companies within the Oil & Gas, Gas Transmission and Power Generation industries completing field work, engineering support, training and consulting services. Through our experience of working with over 90 clients, our team has been given a unique insight into industry standards across many different customers and countries to understand best practices in operating and maintaining equipment. Stacked Learning has been developed to transfer this knowledge to our customers by developing site specific modules used to induct new employees, create digital doubles of real equipment and site layouts to develop modules describing fundamental concepts that previously were impossible through standard MS PowerPoint presentations.

Our online training starts with a digital twin of real equipment and has been developed to provide an immersive experience to the user while learning technical disciplines, with transferrable hands-on experiences, but in the comfort of their own home or office by implanting the technical content into a virtual environment within an online learning management system. Stacked Learning upskills students to ensure they have the required skills to improve resource availability and reliability, decreasing downtime by improving their skills to troubleshoot issues onsite.

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Contact: Darren Wilkinson

Phone: 0499900568



Unmatched Strength and Reliability to Protect Your Pipelines FlexSteel pipe represents a fusion of steel and spoolable pipeline technologies. It combines the strength of conventional steel with the adaptability and simple installation typically associated with spoolable pipes. The pipe features a durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) inner liner, a robust steel-reinforced core, and a protective HDPE outer shield. FlexSteel pipe safeguards pipeline systems against corrosion, ensuring reliable, and long-lasting performance.
1. Superior Durability: FlexSteel pipe’s steel core provides exceptional durability compared to stand-alone poly and fiber-reinforced products, ensuring long-lasting performance.
2. Largest Diameters and High-Pressure Ratings: FlexSteel pipe boast the largest diameters and highest design pressure ratings, allowing for efficient and reliable transportation of oil, gas, and water.
3. Low-Maintenance: FlexSteel pipe eliminates the need for cathodic protection or chemical inhibition programs, simplifying maintenance requirements.
4. Enhanced Safety with No De-Rating: FlexSteel pipe’s unique pipeline design provides increased safety and eliminates the need to de-rate the product in hydrocarbon service, providing peace of mind and optimal performance.
5. Superior Flow Capacity:</span> The inner HDPE liner provides a smooth flow environment, allowing higher flow velocities and superior flow rates. Applications ProductionMultiphase
  • Dual-Phase
  • Water TransportationProduced Water
  • Fresh Water
  • MidstreamCrude Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)
  • CO2
  • Ethanol
  • Other ApplicationsCO2 (Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage)
  • Hydrogen
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Jet Fuel
  • Coal, Iron, or Mining Slurry
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